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Peterborough Limo Service Etiquette

Once you decide on which company to use for your Peterborough limo service and the big day arrives, there are some important limousine etiquette tips that you should follow. One of the most important things to consider is the safety of your party and the limousine driver. Before planning your rental, be sure to take into consideration the number of people in your party and try to rent a limo with a higher maximum capacity than your party. This will ensure that your ride is much more comfortable.

Any basic laws still apply when traveling in a limousine. Things such  as drugs, underage drinking or standing with your head out through the sunroof are simply not allowed, even when traveling in a limo. If your party is drinking alcohol it may not be possible to avoid spillages due to being in a moving vehicle, so don’t freak out of this happens. Simply try to clean it up as best you can with any towels provided and let the limo driver know at some point.

Please be respectful of laws so that your passengers and the Peterborough limousine services company that you have hired do not get into any trouble. The limo company may also have a clause that can allow them to end a ride prematurely if you are abusing any of their rules. Most times a warning is all that is needed, but please be as respectful as possible to avoid any issues.

Generally speaking, smoking is not allowed in most limousines. However, there are no laws against it – it is up to the limo company itself. Ask your driver about their policies before lighting up! You should also be very respectful of the limousine as these vehicles are luxurious and very expensive. Always treat anything that you rent with respect and use common sense.

When the fun is over and the night has ended, it is generally expected that the limo driver received some gratuity in the form of a tip. As with most services, a 15-20% tip is usually acceptable. If you feel your chauffeur went above and beyond their duties, a higher tip is always appreciated by them.

Hopefully this small article has helped you and has prepared you for some things to think about when arranging a limo rental. Just remember to always obey the laws and be respectful and you will have no problems! Here is hoping that your next ride in a Peterborough limo is a fun, safe and memorable experience!

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